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A Mean, Healthy A**Hole. # 92!

July 31, 2010

In all actuality, Albert is never going to be a 3 down player. We must also confess that he’s a ninja at his position…I mean, the guy knows how to cause massive confusion at the line and in the backfield. It’s not like he needs to re-learn that, or somehow join Leonardo DiCaprio in some inception of a HOF D-tackle or D-end , to try and understand HOW, or WHY! He gets it. He knows. He does. He’s also an asshole. So, maybe it’s best that we preserve his health for as long as possible. Keep him fresh and mean. I prefer to have an angry 92 on the field anyway, especially when we line up against the CowGirls!

Keep failing those tests, Albert.– And, Shanny…keep pissing him off! The way I see it, there’s gonna be one pissed off, and healthy, 92, that takes the field opening day! Go Skins, F Dallas!

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