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Jackson, Bryant Injured. DEPTH becomes early key.

July 31, 2010

For today, The Redskins may boast the best WR corps in the NFC east. Yup, not since Monk, Sanders and Clark did we Skins Fans even dare think we’d say that ever again. Dallas’ Dez Bryant was carried off in what an MRI confirmed was a high ankle sprain. That’s a solid month setback. Ofcourse, Sailor Jerry (what I call Jerry Jones after his drunk Tebow tirade) is already pointing fingers. The Eagles had some pee come out after DeSean Jackson hobbled off, after a back injury. His status is unknown, but there’s no way he takes an NFL hit for atleast a week. Atleast!

Skins fans know all to well about Depth! After Chris Samuels and Randy Thomas were injured, that was it. Season Over. We didn’t know it, and sure as hell didn’t want to accept it, but that was reality. We had “Shallow Depth”, basically, backups that sucked. Do these other teams have “deep depth”? Remains to be seen. I’m not convinced that our depth on the O-line is where it needs to be, I just KNOW it’s a ton better than a year ago. Again, that’s just for Today! Hail!

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