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Brennan cut only means ONE thing!

August 2, 2010

Colt Brennan was that last glimmering hope that Redskins fan had, that we had a franchise QB on our Roster. I really like Donovan, I also know that aging, injury prone QB’s can’t have a long/successful career in the NFC East. Physically, I believe McNabb to have 3-4 optimum years left. Contractually, I’m not so sure. I sorta thought (ok, hoped) that Colt had enough similarities with Cutler (whom Shanny liked so much) to be groomed and then hustled in after McNabb. You know what they say about wishing?! The certainty is that a QB leading us to a Redskins Super Bowl WIN in 5 years (damn, I’m wishing again) is not on the roster. Maybe not in College , yet.

How about this for a blockbuster trade in 2 years, Haynesworth for Cutler?! Ugh. Nevermind, just puked a bit.
Thanks though, to Colt. He’s a Pro who always handled the media well, and has a love for Football. My prediction is that he winds up in Indianapolis, or Tampa.

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