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The Haynesworth Drama MUST END.

August 3, 2010

I talked to a former player-agent, early today. Basically, Albert never has to take this test again…if he so desires. It’s likely he will claim that this test caused an injury (knee swelling) , and ‘making’ him re-test could further it, thus putting his health in Jeopardy. Now, we all know he can take this test, if he wants. We also know that he probably could NEVER pass this test, at any point in his career.

So, Shanny has to make a choice, and soon. Put him on the PUP, or forgive the test and move on. Ofcourse, there is a small chance that Albert “MAN’s UP” and goes for it (unlikely). If we simply just don’t want him around, fine! Tell him to go somewhere and blow up like pig…a bigger pig. This is not about the locker room, or media coverage. This is about coming to terms with a decision. I don’t buy Shanny is (ever) undecided on things. If we want him, F*CK the test, he cant do it. Never could. If we don’t, send him to the Howard County Fair to try every meat wagon….twice.

The best thing that could happen here…is SOMETHING! GO SKINS!

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