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Haynesworth is IN!

August 7, 2010

We were one day off, here at DCSR! We said there needed to be a permanent conclusion of the 92 drama by Friday. It’s Saturday, and Haynesworth has passed the test, running 600 yards and earning (physically) a chance to put on a helmet and knock the sh*t out of someone. The question NOW, who’s that someone? Basically, does Mike want to truly extend an Olive Branch and grant Albert 1st team status? Or, will he now have to climb the ranks based on his schematic knowledge?? (stuff he should have been absorbing during mental reps)

Our Guess? Shanahan will end this, here and now. 92 will have a shot to show his value, immediately, as a starter.

These facts remain: 1) Haynesworth is a game changer. 2) No one else wants him. 3) We’ve already fattened up his bank account.

Being stuck with this guy has some upside. Even if it doesn’t, we’re stuck with this guy. HTTR!

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