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Revis for Haynesworth?

August 10, 2010

Darrelle Revis takes the field for The NY Jets when you play Madden. In actuality, (non-gaming life) he’s splitting time between home and in his agent’s office. Not Playing Football, for The Jets. A little south of NY, The Washington Redskins hate Albert Haynesworth. Albert probably hates The Redskins. Ok, He does.

It’s rare that you find 2 players, who are paid, or worth, very similar amounts…and who both are willing to play for another team. If not, WANT to play for another team. The Redskins don’t really need Revis. The Jets don’t really need Haynesworth. But nobody really wants who they have.

Will this trade happen, ehhh, the percentages are not good. Would it make sense? Yes, and for everyone involved (players too). And, just think, this kinda trade may just reduce the Brett Favre coverage to “digestable”, when he returns in a week or two… GO SKINS!

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