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Contrary to Mainstream Media, it’s all about Skins’ RB’s!

August 12, 2010

There’s NO DOUBT, the only reason why NFL Network is airing The Skins v. Bills on Friday is because of Donovan McNabb! Can you find another reason? Yea, not so much. It’s McNabb’s 12th NFL season, and he really can’t get much better, than when he was at his “best” (we could argue when that exactly was). This is Mike Shanahan football, now. Is a team always better with a great QB?.. Well, yea…but does Shanny also believe he can win with Rex Grossman?…yup!

The Success Plan this year, will be aggressive running plays that catch Defenses off balance. Actually, without a GREAT running game, I think we can get set for a 6-10 season. The lack of receivers, and below average pass blocking lineman make it un-imaginable to have a Colts-like aerial threat. Yes, McNabb gets the attention, and it’s good for drumming up some NFC story lines along the year, but this team will win on the ground. Ofcourse, that’s not AS much fun to talk about.

Hey– don’t tell the mainstream, broadcast media old-timers. I’m enjoying all this ‘Skins coverage, even if it’s wildly blown out of proportion!

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