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Without Moss, it’s a Loss!

September 9, 2010

New GM, New Coach, New QB…and guess what!??? If 89 doesn’t perform well, I see our Redskins having little chance of gettin’ the W! Many argue that The Skins have no WR that needs a double team. I think that’s fair. Here’s the difference this year, a QB that will wait and allow plays to develop. I would predict that a 4 yard out route on 3rd and 16 will be the exception, as opposed to the recent rule.

Going back to the 2005 Miracle on Monday night, to the thrilling late game theatrics against The Saints 2 years ago, etc etc etc…we go, as Santana Moss goes. This hasn’t changed. Additionally, if we get Pass-Droppy Moss (like VS Green Bay a few years ago), It’ll be back to running between the tackles, play after play. Right now, we have no one else capable of stepping in as a Linchpin of the WR Corps.

It got easier for guys like Marvin Harrison and Randy Moss…they had guys come in who were younger, faster and ran routes just as well…Defenses had to start splitting their pie of respect. 89 has had NO upgrades around him, it’s actually gotten tougher!

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