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“Now” Football League may help Skins!

October 3, 2010

The NFL, which according to some means “Not For Long”, has transformed into something else. The “Now Football League!” Remember Arian Foster? 2 weeks ago, fantasy owners were abandoning solid NFL veterans for the no-name practice sqaudder who drove a truck over The Colts D! He alone was going to be the reason The Texans beat The Skins. The Texans did, but Arian had little to do with any of it. The “Now” league focus’ on the ridiculously over-hyped coverage of one week. Therefore stars are crowned, and the mass media indulges in the licking of ‘amazing’ stories, with little or no history. It’s ‘Now’.

Mike Vick was never a great NFL QB. Never. Until 2 weeks ago. ‘Now’ he’s the NFC MVP. Gotta love the ‘NFL’

Vick entered this season as the 3rd string QB. He ran wildcat plays. He was nearly re-arrested over the summer for a probation violation, and the eagles seriously considered releasing him, fearing he had returned to his ‘ways’. He uses his feet to set up his arm, and admittedly he has a much better supporting cast in Philthy, but all in all, game tape will show you that very little has changed with Vick. So, please keep believing Mike, and Andy Reid, keep “Hope” alive (Isn’t that motto letting an entire country down right now), because so little has really changed, except in the “Now”, he’s saving an NFL franchise and a city. A losing effort by Vick today will ensure that next week’s “Now” league anoints another star. (Using ‘Star’ loosely)

Whether Vick wins today is not the point here, it’s how quick the “Now” league responded to his 2 game performances. You’d think Peyton Manning and Tom Brady were playing each other this afternoon.

Soak it up Philly, roll in it, eat it, make-out with it…. It is ‘Now”, it’s just not real! GO SKINS!

The Fur-Jury wanted answers!

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