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Skins will make trade attempt!

October 5, 2010

If you were to be given the stats of the 1st 4 games of this NFL season before it started, you’d assume that The Redskins would wind up 0-4. Even less likely that we would be undefeated in The East. This isn’t going to last, it just can’t. If Mcnabb didn’t have legs we would be 0-4, he’s saved at least 2 game saving drives by him scrambling. With the deadline approaching, The Redskins are starved for WR help, it’s the worst we can ever remember. Even worse, is that our possibilities are more scarce.

The Titans would Love Albert back, but can’t help us in the WR department. Scouring rosters, that pretty much leaves The Colts. Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie, Pierre Garcon, and Anthony Gonzales. The Colts have a dire need at Safety with the non-existent Bob Sanders, and now losing Melvin Bullitt (who was also their Teams Captain). The Redskins have Doughty and Horton at Safety depth, and the chances are high that they’d part ways with either one for a somewhat capable WR.

Garcon has missed 2 weeks with a Hammy, and Anthony Gonzalez is not a 16 game WR either, but at this point, the Skins must, MUST, try to get someone who is capable of running another route other than a deep post, and who can also create separation. Adding another difficult layer is that we face Indy in a couple weeks, so Bill Polian may not want to do Business with an upcoming opponent, BUT, if the deal was right, Polian may have to pull the trigger in order to help his team get a win in the AFC South, at some point. Sanders and Bullitt were great run stopping safeties, which doesn’t fare well as the Colts look forward to Chris Johnson (twice), another date with Arian Foster, The Boys’ Barber and Jones, not to mention another visit with Jones-Drew.

The desperation meter for both teams are equal, it’s just the positions that are different! HAIL SKINS!

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