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Skins awarded w/ Longest Bye of The Year. UGH!

November 6, 2010

If you’re on a Bye week and your next game is a Monday Nighter…that’s the longest Bye of the week. If you’re on a BYE and your next game is a Monday Nighter, AND we roll back the clocks that weekend…it’s the longest Bye of THE YEAR! Yup, THE ENTIRE YEAR! Who wouldn’t want to go into The Longest Bye of THE YEAR after just benching your starting QB and losing to a 1-5 team?! It’s gonna be a LONG ASS Bye!

tic toc, tic toc...long ass bye week...

One thing we feel pretty confident in saying; The attitude and performance of this team, as they take the field and start taking snaps against Philly, is what The SKINS will be working with for the rest of the season! A questionable benching, a dismal loss…and over 2 weeks in the crock pot to dwell on it. These moments are defining, and defining moments tend to change and/or create habits. Sometimes for the great, other times for the awful. Redskins Nation has been on the awful side of ‘defining’ moment outcome’s, recently. There’s a chance that we have the leadership now create another outcome!


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