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The Bench, The Bank and in everything Between!

November 15, 2010

Donovan McNabb is the latest Redskin to nail The Snyder-Bucks lotto! Guaranteed 40 million, through 5 years! We’d guess he’ll be given 20 Mill of that this year, so it won’t affect the eventual CBA, and stack too much against any imposed cap. It’s the most profitable benching of any Professional Sport! And let’s REALLY look at the benching…

Donovan McNabb was benched because he was hurt. His Hammy had been sliced since week 1. You think Mike Shanahan was going to tell you that? He hates Media. Hates Media attention. Hates Media personalities and their questions. HATES! He never shows his hand when it comes to injuries. Mcnabb could put next to no pressure on his leg, so Rex was a better choice (for mike). Shanny is fine with all the stories that came from it, no one is talking about his injured QB, just the way Mike wants it. This deal proves it, “Shanavan” are doing just fine together!

Oh, and if you think this date wasn’t red-circled for an extension announcement in July….PLEASE! GO SKINS!

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