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Season to rest on #26…AGAIN!

November 20, 2010

#26 is #1, again!

We will be traveling to Nashville to get a human look at the aftermath of Monday Night. “That was some shit!”, the first text I woke up and read on Tuesday morning. There may be no better summary. That really was “SOME SHIT!”

Year after year, we keep hearing the hatred for Clinton Portis; “He’s Danny’s boy”, “He’s arrogant”, “He’s a quitter”, “He’s a showboat”…etc and bla bla bla. He may be all of that. The stats also say he’s pretty damn talented! Regardless, once again, a season rests on his shoulders, like so many before. With no Ryan Torrain, and virtually nameless 2nd and 3rd stringers, CP will decide if The Redskins make their march to the playoffs, unfortunately, that march MUST start in Nashville. Mcnabb is confused at best, regarding this offense and even if he were to figure it out, Chris Cooley has looked sluggish all year, and Santana Moss, well, he’s just one guy (who usually gets covered by two). So, all the bitching about CP, it’s fine, sometimes justified, just know that it will be up to him (again) to carry this load.

Many people have started asking about playoffs, it’s pretty early, but one point: The Redskins have managed to defeat The Bears, Packers, and Eagles (once). If The Redskins were to beat TN, and The Giants smack The Eagles, then The Redskins would essentially control their own destiny, of course that would mean beating The G-Men Twice. Again, it’s so early, but it’s not Sunday yet, and until Sunday is over, that is one possibility. HTTR!

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