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Dungy, The Race Card and The Redskins!

November 28, 2010

Playing the race card, doesn’t mean your racist. Tony Dungy has made a living on playing the race card. Some believe that he won’t be happy until every NFL Coach and QB is black. Maybe so. One thing is for sure, Dungy would have called for a work stoppage if Leslie Frazier wasn’t designated Interim Vikings Coach. He was. It was the right decision, too. We won’t bore you with stats, but feel free to look up Leslie’s defenses with several teams, none of them sucked. Leslie’s got talent. What we’re asking is “How has Leslie become a victim in this process?” Great jobs, Great teams, Great opportunities…. And more confusing, If Leslie has been so wronged so many times (according to Dungy), then why hasn’t he A) Said so B) Just walked away from such hostile environments…

Tony Dungy lambasted The Redskins for the Jerry Gray interview, he said “I wouldn’t even have honored the interview”, so was he calling Jerry spineless for interviewing?! Btw- The NFL ruled that The Redskins followed Rooney Rule procedures appropriately.

What Dungy should consider, is that he creates a tone that these guys feel inferior because they are black, when in reality, they don’t. These men are competitors, they get the game and the business that goes along with it, It’s a BIG BOY business. To remark that you shouldn’t “try” (Gray) seems to be disconnected with the culture that is The NFL. Should Doug Williams not have “tried” even though he had watermelons sent to his hotel room the night before The Super Bowl?

Here, however, Dungy got it right. Frazier deserves the job, or at the least, the chance to seize the job. Not because he’s black, because he’s got talent.

Maybe Tony Dungy should ask himself this question “Peyton Manning, Edgerrin James, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Brandon Stokely, Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday, Bob Sanders, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Gary Brackett, Hunter Smith, (the list didn’t need to continue after Peyton)”… and only ONE Lombardi?!? Would a coach with more talent, have taken a team with SO much talent to more Super Bowl’s?

We wish Leslie Frazier GREAT luck! We also wish Mr. Dungy would become a better evaluator of talent, rather than color. Hail Skins!

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