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Redskins: A Car Lot, not a Football Team!

December 15, 2010

Once again, it’s before Christmas and The Redskins are ready to make a deal. Buy, Sell, Trade…it doesn’t matter…ears are open, and all deals will be considered, when it’s all good and legal to open free agency.

We’ve got Pre-Owned McNabb’s, Family-Sized Haynesworth’s, dependable but not flashy Cooley’s and Moss’…Hell, we may even throw in a Portis, if you make a deal ASAP! We have to clear this lot, and everything must go.

It’s obvious that Mike Shanahan underestimated the culture crisis of The Redskins. It’s now obvious that he intends to change it. Clinton Portis loves being a Radio Personality. Chris Cooley Loves blogs and Social Media. McNabb Loves Andy Reid, and Haynesworth Loves himself. Nothing wrong with any of it, but for too long, players in DC didn’t make “LOVE” being a REDSKIN, first and foremost.

Look for 106.7, facebook, former coaches, twitter and selfish desires to all take a back-seat to being a Washington Redskin.

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