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McNabb Release has to be Last Resort!

February 28, 2011

So, Mike Shanahan has said a lot without saying really anything. Brilliant! “We’ll make a decision on Donovan before, during or after the draft”….Best quote ever. Let me translate that: “I’ll do what I want, When I want, and you’ll find out after I do it!” Truth is, it’s a huge decision for The Coach. Releasing Donovan after 1 season is absolutely embarrassing; it says he was washed up, and is beyond coachable at this point. What’s dangerous about that? Plenty. He’s going to get another shot somewhere, and immediately. If he turns into a winner once again, then you will have no choice but to fire your Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach. More importantly, you either have to draft ‘the future’, or again patch a hole with a QB who has to look in the rear view to see 30 and hope he can hang for a couple years while a young-en gets worked up. The outright releasing of Donovan would appear desperate.

More likely (and responsible)- Donovan gets trusted to return. He’s younger than Peyton Manning, and has a proven track record in the NFC. Skins attempt to get out of the 1st round (or drop positions) and get a QB who needs a year, or two on the bench. Re-sign Santana, put faith in the health of Malcomb Kelly, along with Armstrong, Austin and Banks. The rest of the draft is spent on the Line, Lbackers and take a lucky gem pick at a RB in round 6 or 7.

It probably won’t go down like this, and that’s cool. However, This gives you a chance to increase McNabb’s trade value for the following season (if desired), and allows a viable option (for the future) behind McNabb!

Hail Skins!

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