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Thank-You #26! Portis and my 3 year old!

February 28, 2011

Clinton’s 1st run, EVER, as a Washington Redskin was amazingly Awesome! I’ll never forget jumping up, nearly crying…in awe of the electricity that this man possessed running the rock, for The Redskins! Joe Gibbs and Clinton Portis had this awkward respect for each other; “You do your job and I’ll do mine, PROMISE!” That rarely exists these days, but those two men showed that they would work, bleed and live the burgundy and gold.

I have yet to tell my 3 year old that Clinton Portis is not a Washington Redskin. It’s his favorite player. He lights up when he puts on his #26 jersey on Sunday…and just loves watching Clinton run, block and catch. I’m sad that he’s gone, that Sean Taylor’s best friend is not a Redskin anymore. I’m upset that a guy who gave his all in a pre-season game to avenge an interception just to get injured will not play on Sunday’s at Fed-Ex field. This Hurts. “C’mon Clinton, Go Clinton!”, will not be screamed in the basement on Sundays anymore. Most of all, I dread telling my 3 year old, Tyler, that Clinton Portis is not a Redskin…atleast not these days. BUT, he WAS a REDSKIN! He helped usher back the Gibbs era. He helped heal a team when a tragedy took it’s future star. My son won’t remember all the great runs, blocks and catches…BUT I’ll make sure he hears about how happy he was when that #26 Jersey came out on Sunday’s, and how much fun we had cheering for him!

#26, Thank You!


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