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The (potential) Trade NO ONE is talking about!

March 5, 2011

Here Goes: Albert Haynesworth for Reggie Wayne. Straight up.


The Colts can’t stop the run. They face Arian Foster, Chris Johnson and Jones-Drew twice a season. Colts management has to be tired of watching Mathis and Freeney over-pursue and run that hook route to the QB just to realize it was yet another handoff, and a gain of 8 yards. The Texans, Jags and Titans finally have a game plan that gives them a chance against Peyton Manning; keep running the ball while that clock goes tick, tick, tick…. The Colts run D is invisible, Haynesworth demands the attention of 2-3 lineman thus clogging the interior line.

The Redskins have no need for Albert Haynesworth. He sucks in a 3-4 defense. Oh, let’s not forget his hatred for Mike Shanahan. The Redskins DO have a need for a WR who is an experienced outside threat. With Santana Moss a question mark to return, The Redskins can’t allow the game plan at WR to revolve around the oft hurt Malcomb Kelly, The green of Terrence Austin and Anthony Armstrong, or the durability concerns of the 5 1/2 feet of Brandon Banks.

Reggie Wayne blasted the Colts offense in their post-season loss to The Jets, in Indy. “One catch, One yard” was the jist of his post-game quote. Wayne was irate that Manning targeted him just once. Wayne was on Revis island the entire game, but you do have to wonder if Manning became more enamored with his new toys in Austin Collie and Pierrce Garcon, as the season went along. Collie was injured a lot, but when he played the connection between him and Manning was obvious.

The Redskins have already paid a large chunk of $Cash$ to Haynesworth and the remainder of his contract is actually quite easy to stomach for team number crunchers. Wayne is 32 and on the last year of his deal. The Colts will not reward Wayne with a huge contract, but at his age it will be his last shot at a decent payday in the NFL. The Redskins probably would negotiate an extension and guarantee more money on the front end.

In the end, The Colts will probably once again be uncomfortable with bringing in a big name player that may take away attention from Manning. They have continually passed on players who are ‘names’, but at some point this is going to backfire. Manning is 34, and has the same amount of Super Bowl wins as Trent Dilfer. The Colts have to find a way to get Peyton Manning on the field, more and more. Defense seems to be the obvious answer.

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