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3 Teams (not WSH) that are looking at Santana Moss

July 18, 2011

Santana Moss can fill out job applications, maybe starting this weekend. As The Skins are expected to offer him an average but immediate deal, here are 3 other teams that are hoping Moss gives them a look.

KC Chiefs: Let’s face it Dwayne Bowe needs a friend. He’s a double team lock, every play w/o another threat.

Indianapolis Colts: Aside that Santana’s boy, Clinton, is going to get a hard look from Indy; this makes decent sense. Allowing Peyton Manning to end his career with only one trophy would sting for Colts brass. Manning’s receivers are gold in the regular season. Post season play is another story. Reggie Wayne caught one pass for 1 yard against the NYJ on Revis Island last year in the playoffs. Pierre Garcon is not clutch under pressure, and Dallas Clark has been dealing with injuries. Austin Collie has been abused by concussions and it looks as if the Anthony Gonzalez project is over, or should be. Don’t forget, Reggie Wayne wants a new contract, but probably won’t get one. Moss is a hard worker and gives Manning a trustworthy option.

New England Patriots: If not one Moss, try another. Randy won’t be back, unless the lockout provided a spiritual makeover for Bill. His saying is more like this “fool me once, f**k you!” Santana is a good character guy with solid work ethic. He won’t try to take Brady’s spotlight and knows how to operate in a pass friendly offense (A la Zorn).

The Redskins probably need him more than any of the above mentioned teams, Of Course, if we know that, so does Moss!


Moss a free agent.

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  1. July 18, 2011 9:19 PM

    Chicago is looking at him as well……. Devin Hester in particular has mentioned that he’d like to see Moss as a Bear,

    • July 18, 2011 9:31 PM

      True Al! Hester is a Moss fan. The organization however does not like to pay for WR’s. Ironically, they have been a solid WR or two away from being serious contenders, year in and year out. We expect their philosophy won’t change. “Do nothing on Offense and hope the Defense bails us out”

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