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McNabb Contract Version 2011

July 18, 2011

It looks (feels) that the lockout will be coming to an end in a matter of days, if not hours. Yes, I’m an optimist and if I’m wrong then I guess all you can really say is “I’m wrong!” I think the premiere question has to be about Donovan McNabb, and specifically his contract. Here’s what we know:
Donovan’s bonus is $10 Million, which automatically kicks in a $2.5 Million Dollar Salary for the season. There’s another nearly $3 Million in bonus’ and incentives(mainly playoff stuff).

The timeline is key. Bruce Allen has until the 1st regular season game before the bonus kicks in, at least on paper. The reality is that McNabb will be at Redskins Park on DAY 1. He’s gonna wanna fight for that money, and he also wants to look like a team 1st guy, “I’m gonna show up and be the Redskins QB, until I’m told otherwise!”…Yea, expect that quote all day long. If McNabb is told to stay home his trade value is erased. If he works out and suffers a horrific injury, then The Skins are on the hook for up to $25 million. It appears obvious that Bruce Allen has one thing on his mind: Re-Negotiate! Get a trade friendly contract that makes it easier to move McNabb.

Of course, The Redskins may love Donovan and the plan could be to start him at QB.

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