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Could Manning be a Redskin (or Cowboy)?

July 19, 2011

Simply, YES!

All it takes is this: The NFLPA approves Manning and his new co-horts (Brees, etc) to be qualified as Unrestricted Free-Agents at the start of the new CBA. Then, the owners ratify the deal. Then you ask, would the owners agree to that? Well, not the owners of players who are pulling this 11th hour shake up, BUT, in reality there still wouldn’t be 9 owners to overthrow the rest of the NFL.

Teams like Washington, or Dallas would be first in line for Manning, and/or Brees. Indy or NO would not have the pocket change to sit at the same table with Dan Snyder or Jerry Jones.

There’s no doubt that Colts fans are in shock that Manning is extremely open to the free market. We are not. The Colts certainly have all the medical info on Peyton’s neck, and they are probably using it to their (financial) advantage in regards to a new contract. Peyton, no doubt, thinks there is more cash somewhere else and isn’t scared to use the lockout as an opportunity to find it.

So you have to ask, Is Peyton merely sneaking out of Indy at 3am, in a snowstorm? Maybe it’s Karma?!

Where's Manning's Money?

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    July 20, 2011 4:08 AM

    manning is a colt for life he has a childeren’s hospital named after him he has put up with a lackluster defense since he was drafted. he has more offensive luxuries than most teams, he has barely been sacked or touched by qb standards he would have to run for his life if he went anywhere else and thats not a pretty sight and just because a bunch of boston area rejects think that uncle tom is the better qb didn,t adam nougatieri win like 2 of those super bowls for uncle tom!

  2. Kirk permalink
    July 21, 2011 10:50 AM

    Yeah I don’t think Manning is going to leave Indy if he can avoid it. I do think he wants Indy to pony up the dough more though.

    As a franchise tag player he has to be paid the average of the top 5 players at his position. However he was being paid more then any other player in the NFL, so the franchise tag represents a pay cut.

    He doesn’t want to be a UFA so he can run to another team. He wants to be a UFA so he can scare Indy into ponying up the dough to keep him in Indy. What is Indy going to do without him?

    Without Manning Indy’s best hope is to play Curtis Painter, lose every game, get the #1 draft pick at the next draft and then draft Andrew Luck.

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