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EMERGING: HOF Game all but cancelled

July 21, 2011

HOF game in grave danger

Cold water, has been replaced with Ice Water being poured on the NFL-CBA situation. With the NFLPA balking at agreeing (or even voting) to a deal (and blaming the process of union re-certification) The owners are prepared to fire back and demand a deal by late tonight, or the plug will in fact be pulled on the HOF game, scheduled for August 7th.

Yes, this hurts the NFL and owners (TV REVENUE), but more importantly it sends a clear message that the deal on the table won’t get any better. It also puts the players back into the crosshairs of looking greedy and slamming the brakes on a deal that was well thought to have already been agreed to.

If the owners approve the CBA (via vote) in Atlanta today, look for it to come with a time stamp of approval by the NFLPA, or it could be pulled off the table.

Welcome to the 11th Hour, 58th minute….

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  1. November 18, 2012 12:01 PM

    The NFL Alumni has always been a mgnnaemeat inspired and funded organization founded in 1981 to discredit the NFLPA’s 55% of the NFL Gross revenues proposal. I don’t think this leapord has changed its spots.What is meant by Owners already pay the union by way of revenue sharing ? The owners don’t pay the union they pay the players, as individually negotiated contract employees and employee player benefits as negotiated by their union which amounts to 60% the NFL’s annual gross revenues incidentially the largest percentage of the four major team sports.Trading a rookie wage scale for $100 million in pension benefits for former players is a bad idea. In 2002 $110 million over five years ($22 million per year) was taken out of the cap and added to the pension plan.A better proposal would be to take a negotiated amount, say $100 million each year off the top meaning out of League gross revenues and add it to the pension plan. In this senario the 32 teams would be paying 40% or $40 million per year and the active players would be paying 60% or $60 million from their respective shares of the close to $10 Billion gross League revenues the NFL will generate, should I say players’ performance on the football field will generate, in 2010. This amounts to 1% of League revenues.David Meggyesy

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