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Why McNabb may (should) be the guy in DC

July 24, 2011

Cheers, The NFL is back. We just read an email that said a derailment of this settlement would be ‘impossible’, it seems the The Players realize they were under scrutiny and had to reach a solution. Props to them, because they did it and did it quickly.

Now, on to REAL Football and Redskin stuff:

With Free Agency opening right into training camp and then playoff games, The Redskins are in an interesting position. Cut bait or cut differences, with Donovan. Is there really time to evaluate John beck, who hasn’t taken an NFL snap in years? Yes, we all know Rex ‘knows’ the offense, but it’s pretty clear that he has a hard time executing the plan.

In NY, The Giants won’t miss a step with Eli Manning. Mike Vick has seemed to absorb the offense pretty well in Philly, and Tony Romo returns to a more than familiar system and supporting cast in Dallas. (Man, do I hate The Cowboys). So, it’s a pretty clear picture of consistency throughout the rest of the NFC east. Why would we want to add a question mark at the QB position? Does Donovan all of a sudden just suck? I kinda doubt it. Does Kyle ‘hate’ him that much? Maybe, but why?!

I suppose if The Skins had a pounding running game, with a wide selection of lineman to orchestrate the ZBS then it may be a little easier to facilitate an unknown at QB. McNabb has a year in the system and an entire career in the NFC east, that should be enough to at least earn an entrance in a 3 way QB race.

Mcnabb, Still a Skin (for now)

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  1. Al Oglesby permalink
    July 24, 2011 4:26 PM

    My feelings are the same> why give the keys to our franchise to an unproven QB or one that has shown is consistency with making turnovers. The draft has addressed some of our needs and free agency could go a long way to improving our O line. We all know as true Redskin fans you must have a QB that when a play breaks down we have someone that can make a play….Donovan has done that as a Redskin last year. The NFC east is the toughest division in the NFL and we must have consistency on our O and D line, running game, and Quarterback play that is able to sustain drives and make plays…just don’t see that with Rex or John…We need McNabb this year more so than ever. If were going to make a move like this it should have been last year with Rex as a starter (since he knows the offense) and John as a backup when it broke down. True football experts all say we are doomed with Rex or John as our starter..Can they all be wrong? Doubt it..All that I am 100% sure of is that we can all agree on is HTTR!! and Dallas s__ __ __ s!!! One of my Redskin friends said it’s all a smoke screen I hope he is right…we will see

What do you think? (Besides The Cowboys Suck)

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