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Door ‘WIDE OPEN’ for Big SKINS signing

July 28, 2011

Yes, there’s plenty of money in the hopper. By NOT blowing the wad on Santonio Holmes, Cullen Jenkins and parting greenery (cash), by releasing over 10 players, The Redskins have $$$ in the bank.

Could they be suitors for a highly skilled Cornerback who has several awkwardly placed vowels in his name? Absolutely. Wanna pick up every Over-30 lineman that’s been released in the NFC East? No Problem. Hell, wanna introduce Favre version VI? Yep,enough cash for that too…

So far, The Redskins have released more ‘profile’ than they have signed. Again, so far. The Money is there…so, it can still happen.

Welcome, we have $$$ to spend.

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