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SKINS called out last minute BS by Jenkins

July 28, 2011

As the owners would have said, “It was a handshake deal!” And then…it was over. Team employees are whispering that The Redskins were abruptly contacted, after the rumored 36 million dollar deal (19 Guaranteed) was agreed to, by Jenkins’ agent. Apparently, they believed, that another NFC team has interest and wanted to see if that said interest came with bigger money. The Redskins response: Go Ahead. The Redskins next response: They signed a different player.

Welcome Stephen Bowen, from the CowSucks.

While the Redskins also wanted Bowen all along, it just goes to show that the ‘new’ front office is not going to play games. Maybe there is another team that could produce more money. The Redskins weren’t going to budge, and didn’t. Sign or ship out. Sign or ship out. A very different approach; and one that has preserved

Easy, Cullen, Easy!

a surplus of cap money that has enabled the signing of solid talent.

This isn’t to say that Cullen won’t eventually become a Redskin, it just goes to show that he will have to call us back because we are moving forward.

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