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Rex Grossman playing with Fire

July 31, 2011

Coach Shanahan and The Skins front office have played a real nice game of poker this offseason. Just ask Cullen Jenkins who left several millions on the table, just to see if there were several more. There wasn’t, not for him or anyone else. Jamaal Brown just signed a 5 year deal, after telling The Redskins he wasn’t thrilled at the 1st offer. Here it is Sunday night, and Jamaal has changed his tune, signing the deal after getting nervous that the front office was about to pull the trigger on another free agent.

Rex wants starter money??

There is one exception: Rexy!

The Redskins (both coaches and players) have openly talked about a Becksy VS. Rexy QB competition. Grossman is much more familiar with the system, (A La Houston) but isn’t regarded as a leader and is physically below par. Grossman certainly wouldn’t start on any of the other 31 clubs. However, Beck hasn’t played since 2007, and Mike Shanahan has become the butt of the NFL network’s Warren Sapp, Rich Eisen and Jamie Dukes for going into Pre-Season with John Beck as the starter.

BUT, why would Rex sign for backup money? The Redskins would be desperate without him, I know that sounds ridiculous to say any NFL team would be desperate without Rex Grossman, but it’s the position we are in, and he knows it.

How far Rex can push Shanahan’s patience remains to be seen, one thing is certain; Rex expects more than ‘backup money’ from a team that has openly said he has a chance at starting. Look for a warning shot to fired across someone’s bow very soon, or for the week to begin with these sides agreeing they both need each other and picking up the pens.

To throw a wild card in the mix, wouldn’t it be fun to see The Giants make a run at Rex, for that Week 1 edge. As if we couldn’t despise the G-men anymore…boy, that would do it.


What do you think? (Besides The Cowboys Suck)

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