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Desire for Grossman to sign Swells

August 1, 2011

This is Washington! The hierarchy goes like this: The Redskins coach, The Redskins QB and then The President of the United States. Of course, if there’s the smallest question about the ability of either/any one of them to perform, panic sets in. Welcome to Panic.

Maybe you’ve seen the tweets, or heard the radio reports. John Beck isn’t looking like starter material, actually, Beck may not be looking like NFL roster material. Particularly Beck’s deep ball, and inability to time it out with the WR’s is being heavily scrutinized. Even more concerning, fans are looking to Rex Grossman for a bail out. Ofcourse, we told you yesterday that Rex is well aware that The Redskins need him…and needs them to pony up in the $$$ department. There’s a great argument that Rex (who only knows The SKINS system) also needs The Redskins. True, but every practice that John Beck throws more completions to the DB’s than the WR’s, the balance starts to tip in Grossman’s favor. Now, in fairness, Beck has had two ‘Heavily-Microscoped’ practices, as well as taking a beating from the national sports media, however, he hasn’t exactly done much to shut anyone up, either.

One more thing, for the people who keep babbling “Rex can’t practice until Thursday anyways…” , That’s true but he could be taking those mental reps, as well as receiving treatments and maybe (oh yea, almost forgot) helping tutor John Beck.

One thing is for sure, If Beck continues to poop away his uncontested chance to practice at QB, he not only ensures Grossman as the starter, he also continues to fatten Rex’s paychecks…Maybe Rex sits this one out until The Redskins have no choice but to pay his ransom?!

Is Beck causing Grossman to raise his price???

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