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ATV out of gas, Portis anyone?

August 3, 2011

So, you never want to hear that the assumed starting RB has been sidelined for atleast 2 weeks…So, we won’t tell you that Ryan Torrain has in fact been put on the shelf with a fractured wrist for 2 weeks. Torrain, nicknamed ATV, has been plagued with injuries his entire (short) NFL career. His upright running style allows him to bear the brunt of every hit, from every angle…and that may be to blame for the injuries. Either way, he’s down for a bit.

The Good News: Us SKINS fans get to really see Helu and Hightower.

The Bad News: We have to hear all about re-signing CP, or how we should have kept him.

The Reality: Shanahan still believes that Clinton can be an effective NFL back, but he’s more concerned with changing the culture and personality of The Redskins. Therefore, bringing back Portis would be last resort.

We’ve gotten a ton of emails asking if Portis is an option…safe to say there are plenty of fans that wouldn’t mind if Portis got a shot.

ATV in the garage

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