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How THIS Redskins Fan worked DirecTV

August 9, 2011

Look, I’ve been a diehard SKINS fan since birth (1977), and a DirecTV client since they offered the NFL Sunday ticket. I’m loyal. When I heard about their new “FREE NFL ticket promotion” (*with a contract), I was naturally pissed off.

Hey, if that’s the deal, cool. I’d switch in a heartbeat for free NFL games. However, I’m an existing customer, so, how did I get mine? Here ya go:

DTV: Can I help you?
Me: (after selecting disconnect service) Yes, this kills me, but I need the details on how to cut off my service?
DTV: Sir, can I ask why?
Me: neighbor, who’s had Comcast forever, just had a DTV tech leave his house and was telling me how he switched because of the FREE NFL ticket! He said that DTV told him that they were nervous about losing customers b/c of the lockout and they are opening up the ticket for new customers, but I’m sorry, I’ve been a customer forever and then I find out that the Sunday ticket price for me is going up?! That just doesn’t feel right…
DTV: Sir, I understand..the way our advertisements were worded has upset some of our NFL ticket customers, and we’re sorry..
Me: (abruptly) Well, thanks but I can’t raise my weekend football budget just because you guys “feared” the NFL fan-base canceling, I really like your service, and I was excited when the lockout ended, but I’ll go to my neighbor’s, who’s getting it for free, before I become a victim of your fear.
DTV: So, If I’m hearing you right, you’ll stay a customer if we don’t raise your NFL ticket price?
Me: I just want a fair deal, My neighbor is getting it for free. What’s fair for me, who’s been paying for over a decade?
DTV: Hold a sec…we will work this out…(returns) How about half price from what you paid last year?
Me: A good start.
DTV: So, is that agreeable?
Me: What else can you do?
DTV: I think I can do Free HD also…
Me: That’s fair…I’ll agree to that. Half off, and no HD fees…OK, Thank You.
DTV: No, Thank You..we are really sorry about the mixed messages in our advertisements.
ME: All good…I appreciate your help.

So, this is pretty much how it went down. I saved a few hundred bucks this year and just wanted to share with anyone else whom this may help. HTTR!

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  1. February 21, 2013 10:51 AM

    Have a WONDERFUL time, Nitebyrd!I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the Poconos, but it’s faaaaaaabulous! I love it up there. In fact, I took a 7-day rereatt there and had the best time!Happy Memorial Day, Sis!X ya!

  2. February 23, 2013 12:08 AM

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  3. February 26, 2013 6:02 AM

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