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Jason Reid gets all warm and fuzzy on 106.7

September 6, 2011

This morning, The Sports Junkies on 106.7 had Jason Reid on to discuss the “fail” of his recent article, “the fix is in”, which labeled the QB controversy as being rigged and essentially handed to John Beck many months ago.

Mike Shanahan, in one swift decision, made Reid’s work look rookie, amateur, and clown-like. Reid, who was mostly thrown softballs from the The Junkies

Reid's "FIX", BROKE!

, decided to clown on his sources saying these were the “things” that he was told. This is the biggest telephone game fail in recent history (at least in sports).

Reid had an un-characteristic somber and somewhat apologetic tone, although he wouldn’t say “hey, it was more of a guess at a story”, but it was pretty clear that he needed to create a tone that was anything but defensive. Although, he did throw in a jab at Beck directly, essentially claiming that Beck’s lousy 4th game performance was the primary reason the “fix” got “broke.

When you write for The Washington Post, you can’t let this stuff slide, it’s not the ultra-solid, locked down confidence the readers expect in the content. When you write a blog (like this), you can do and say whatever you want. Reid F*cked it all up, and yes, he should just say so.

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