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The Eve…

September 10, 2011

Since 1992, Us SKINS fans have done this the night before the new season. “We have a new coach”, “We have a new owner”, “We have a new stadium”, “We have a new QB”… the list goes on…

This “Eve” is different, no really, it’s a little different. OK, it’s not that different. However, here is a difference. We are BORING! Yup, no splash here. That’s Great! No new, big stadium, no new billionaire owner, no re-incarnation of a hall-of-fame coach, no debut of the highest paid ——(fill in the blank); it’s just US, The Redskins. A bunch of young guys, mixed with a few blue collar vets. The Hogs, The fun bunch, Theismann, Riggins, Moseley, Williams, Butz, Rypien…Guys who got muddy, and created a culture. A fight your guts out, winning culture!

So, on the Eve of an improbable NFL season, The Redskins look to build on their blue-collar brand. We don’t know many of their names, and the one’s we do (Grossman), aren’t very exciting. That’s just the way we want it! HAIL SKINS!

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